The #1 Hidden Secret to Your Child’s Health and Healing Potential


You’ve gone the medical route. Heck, you’ve likely circled through it three times over, having seen every specialist, geneticist, neurologist, and gastroenterologist within 500 miles of your home.

You’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars 💵 , hundreds and hundred of hours, and tried medication after medication 💊 to get your child’s health and healing where you want it.

They told you it was genetic and bad luck.

Or worse, they haven’t really told you anything 🤷‍♀️.

You are barely holding onto hope, but don’t have many answers 📝 at all. At least none that resonate with you and sit well deep in that parent ‘gut’ we all have (and need to listen to more).

Hopefully that gut instinct led you here. Please keep reading!

Next up you likely went all natural 🌱. It’s likely you didn’t just kind of, sort of, a little bit go to work here — you went all in!

You removed gluten, dairy 🥛, corn 🌽 , red dye #40.

You threw out all of your chemical-based cleaning products, soaps, and skin care products.

You did all you could to “detox” 🤮 your child, maybe even chelation or foot baths.

You added in probiotics, fish 🐟 oils, magnesium, zinc, and 26 other supplements that cost a fortune.

You’ve got a rockstar OT, PT 💪, Speech Therapist, social worker, and maybe even ABA team helping you out.

It’s a lot. It’s overwhelming. It’s exhausting. It’s expensive.

And, if you’re reading this chances are it’s either not working or working some, but not all the way. 😔

We hear 👂 you, and oh man do we get you. And, we got you! Please keep reading!

So, let’s get to it — what the heck is that hidden secret and missing link to your child’s health and healing potential?

It’s something called the Central Nervous System (also known as ‘Autonomic’) 🧠, and even more specifically – the Vagus Nerve 💥.

The Vagus Nerve 💥 is the key to your child getting back on track with their health, or maintaining and promoting health to begin with as an infant 👶 !

The Vagus Nerve 💥 is what controls our baby’s 👶 ability to latch, nurse, and digest.

The Vagus Nerve 💥 controls your child’s stomach, gut, and immune system — keeping them healthy and strong 💪 when it’s working well, or constipated 💩 and sick 🤒 when it’s not.

The Vagus Nerve 💥 is key to your child’s neuromuscular system and motor 🏃‍♂️ development, which is essential to brain 🧠 development (ask your PT and OT!).

The Vagus Nerve 💥 is what helps your child relax, calm down 🧘‍♀️ , handle transitions, listen 👂 to instructions, and be able to fall (and stay) asleep at night 💤.

The Vagus Nerve 💥 coordinates and regulates our emotions 😊 😔 and our social 👋 interactions.

The Vagus Nerve 💥 is the absolutely #1 key to our children’s health and well-being, whether they are sick 🤕 and stressed right now and need to heal. Or whether you are reading this as part of your proactive and preventive health plan for your family.

And sadly, in today’s world the Vagus Nerve 💥 is under attack.

  • Fear 😧, stress, and anxiety during pregnancy 🤰
  • Intervention and trauma during labor and delivery (forceps 🛠 , vacuum, c-section, etc.)
  • Childhood falls and traumas 🩹
  • Inflammatory 🔥 foods and chemicals all throughout our environment
  • High levels of stress, anxiety 😟 , and tension 😬 throughout the family and society

Each of these individual elements contributes to overwhelming and interfering with the Vagus Nerve 💥 and its ability to properly do its job — which is rest, digest, promote healing, social and emotional regulation, and so forth.

Those stressors and Vagus Nerve 💥 disruptors show up early in our kids lives today, and they show up often. Often right before our very own eyes 👀 without even knowing it.

We’re told by doctors 👩‍⚕️ and others things like:

  • “Oh it’s normal, don’t worry about it.”
  • “They’ll grow out of it.”

But our kids with colic and constipation don’t grow out of it — they grow into chronic ear and respiratory infections, and rounds and rounds of antibiotics 💊.

Our kids with constant ear and respiratory infections 🤒 don’t grow out of them — they grow into chronic asthma and allergies 🤧 .

Our kids with chronic gut 💩 and immune issues early on don’t grow out of them — they grow into speech, sensory, emotional, and behavioral 😡 issues.

Our hyperactive, wound up, tense 😬 kids don’t grow out of that — they grow into stressed out, anxious 😥 , down and out teenagers.

And then our kids become us — worn out, exhausted 😩, always emotional adults.

We call this current reality The Perfect Storm 🌪 and it’s been building and building at unheard of rates for the last generation or two of our children. Many of us are Perfect Storm 🌪 kids ourselves, now doing all we can to help our Perfect Storm 🌪 kids. Stress on top of stress.

But that’s why you are here reading this article! The Vagus Nerve and getting it back ‘online’ through Pediatric Chiropractic is that exact Answer you’ve been seeking magnifying 🔍 !

We know what causes a child to get sick and stuck in the storm 🌪 — so we also know exactly what steps to take to get them out 🚀 of that storm!

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