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Please complete your digital paperwork and submit it online before your first visit. Otherwise, if you prefer to fill out physical forms, please ensure you arrive 15 min early to your appointment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my visit take?

You can expect your first visit to take approximately 60 minutes. If you’re coming with other loved ones who are also getting assessments done, please budget for longer. To save some time, we recommend you complete your paperwork online. After the first two visits, a typical visit is around 15-20 minutes.

When will I get my first adjustment?

We don’t make any adjustments until your second visit after we’ve reviewed your scans and x-ray imaging (if we took them).

How much will chiropractic care cost?

Since chiropractic care is personalized to your specific needs, it’s difficult to determine cost before a member of our team can evaluate your situation. After you complete your initial consultation and assessment, we’ll have a clear picture of how to best support your healing journey. At your second visit, you’ll receive your personalized treatment plan, care investment, and have all your questions answered.

Do you accept insurance?

We only accept Medicare. During your first visit we will complete a complimentary benefits check to let you know exactly what is covered. Please come prepared with your photo ID and insurance card.
In general, insurance companies are not focused on any preventative or wellness services. They were designed for quick, short-term symptom and disease care and treatment which is heavily invested in the conventional model of healthcare that too often relies on drugs and surgery.
If you do have a policy it may help with at least some of the expense of your sick care, but few policies out there pay for things that help us keep our health. In our office, we focus on addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms and health concerns. The great news is that by not having to deal with much insurance, office costs are kept down, so we can offer affordable care for the whole family.
We will gladly provide you with the necessary documentation to get reimbursed if you’re willing to file yourself. We accept HSA and FSA forms of payment and always welcome open and honest conversations about finances. We are here to serve you and will do all that we can to help.

Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes! It’s completely non-surgical, non-invasive, and drug-free. It’s among one of the safest health care practices as it’s designed to clear the path of communication in the nervous system so the body can heal and maintain optimal health. 

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